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The LimeSDR Project

Last month Lime presented at the GNU Radio Conference in San Diego and launched its follow up to the LimeSDR - a smaller, $139 software defined radio board.

GNU Radio Conference 2017 Proceedings Live

This year marks the second ever GNU Radio Conference Technical Proceedings (TP).  The TP is intended to provide a venue for more detailed and longer lasting results publication than what can be conveyed in a 30 minute talk at the conference.  We are excited to introduce the 19 papers accepted this year, and look forward to your work next year!

Hume Center at GRCon17

The Hume Center is pleased to sponsor GRCon, and looks forward to seeing everyone at the event! Here are some updates from Hume, and things we will be talking about at the conference.

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January 2018 Project Call

The January 2018 project call will take place on Thu 18 January, at 1 PM Eastern (GMT 18:00)….