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GSoC 2018: GNU Radio is in!


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GSoC 2018 MIMO - Week 11 - Final Receiver Structure

by Moritz Luca Schmid

After discussing the proposed MIMO-OFDM receiver structure (see post of last week) with my mentors this week, we decided to do some major changes in the structure of the receiver to meet some general requirements.

GSoC 2018 MIMO - Week 11 - Final Receiver Structure

GSoC 2018 gr-modtool - Week 10 - Mock GUI

by Swapnil Negi

As planned for Week 10, I have created a mock GUI for the modtool. I have also added the commits from the branch yaml, which contained the cli and core modules for the XML to YAML conversion, into the branch swapnil_next​. I have also condensed all the remaining work of the other PRs into the main PR.

GSoC 2018 gr-modtool - Week 10 - Mock GUI

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