The GNU Radio Project is organized under the Articles of Association stated here

Project Leads (a.k.a. the General Assembly)

Derek Kozel <President> 
Martin Braun <Vice President> 
Marc Lichtman <Vice President> 
Andrej Rode  
Barry Duggan  
Bastian Bloessl  
Ben Hilburn  
Johannes Demel  
Josh Morman  
Marcus Müller  
Nate Temple  
Philip Balister  
Samantha Palazzolo  
Jeff Long  
Jacob Gilbert  


GNU Radio Code Maintainer for Master Branch: Josh Morman
GNU Radio Code Maintainer for Stable Branches: Jeff Long
GNU Radio 4.0 Runtime Lead: Basti Blössl and Josh Morman
Documentation Lead: Barry Duggan
Infrastructure Maintainer: Andrej Rode
CI/CD Maintainer: Andrej Rode
VOLK Maintainer: Johannes Demel and Michael Dickens