Leadership Organization

The GNU Radio Project is led by the following people:


Project Lead: Ben Hilburn (E-Mail) (Twitter) (Website)
Chief Architect: Johnathan Corgan (E-Mail)
Community Manager: Martin Braun (E-Mail) (Twitter)

Technical Leads

Vector-Optimized Library of Kernels (VOLK): Nathan West
Out-of-Tree Tools: Martin Braun
Graphical Tools: Sebastian Koslowski
Embedded: Philip Balister
Build & Packaging: Maitland Bottoms
Documentation: Marcus Mueller
Runtime: Bastian Bloessl
CI & Web Infrastructure: Andrej Rode


Debian / Ubuntu: Maitland Bottoms
Embedded: Philip Balister
OSX: Michael Dickens
Red Hat / Fedora: Jaroslav Skarvada
Archlinux: Kyle Keen
LiveSDR: Johnathan Corgan

Technical Advisors

  • Matt Ettus
  • Tim O’Shea


These are roles where we are looking for additional help. If you would like to get involved in GNU Radio project leadership, please get in touch with Ben & Johnathan.

  • Operations:
    • Release Manager
  • Technical Leads:
    • Digital Communications
    • Analysis Tools
    • Reference Applications
  • Packaging:
    • Windows