The GNU Radio Project is led by the following people:

Project & Foundation Officers

Project Lead, Foundation President: Ben Hilburn (E-Mail) (Twitter) (Website)
Community Manager, PyBOMBS Maintainer, Foundation Officer: Martin Braun (E-Mail) (Twitter)
GNU Radio Maintainer & Officer: Marcus Mueller (E-Mail)
VOLK Maintainer & Officer: Nathan West
DevOps Admin & Officer: Andrej Rode
Officer: Bastian Bloessl (Twitter) (Website)
Officer: Derek Kozel (Twitter)
Officer: Nate Temple (Twitter)
Officer: Philip Balister
Documentation, Wiki, CGRAN Maintainer & Officer: Marc Lichtman
GNU-Radio-in-Education Advocate & Officer: Richard Prestage


Debian / Ubuntu: Maitland Bottoms
macOS: Michael Dickens
Archlinux: Kyle Keen

Technical Advisors

Our technical advisors are people who have made significant contributions to the project and who continue to provide their time and resources in support of GNU Radio.

  • Johnathan Corgan
  • Matt Ettus
  • Tim O’Shea


These are roles where we are looking for additional help. If you would like to get involved in GNU Radio project leadership, please get in touch with Marcus, Martin, or Ben.

  • Packaging:
    • Windows
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Contact Us

Mailing List: discuss-gnuradio
IRC: #gnuradio on

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