The GNU Radio Project is organized under the Articles of Association stated here

Project Leads (a.k.a. the General Assembly)

Derek Kozel <President> 
Martin Braun <Vice President> 
Marc Lichtman <Vice President> 
Andrej Rode  
Barry Duggan  
Bastian Bloessl  
Ben Hilburn  
Johannes Demel  
Josh Morman  
Marcus Müller  
Nate Temple  
Philip Balister  
Samantha Palazzolo  
Jeff Long  


GNU Radio Code Maintainer for Master Branch: Josh Morman
GNU Radio Code Maintainer for Stable Branches: Jeff Long
GNU Radio 4.0 Runtime Lead: Basti Blössl and Josh Morman
Documentation Lead: Barry Duggan
Infrastructure Maintainer: Andrej Rode
CI/CD Maintainer: Andrej Rode
VOLK Maintainer: Johannes Demel and Michael Dickens