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DARPA Hackfest: The Roadshow Goes Local

June 23, 2017 by

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DARPA SDR Hackfest Team Applications

June 19, 2017 by

Teaming applications are now open and will close on July 15th, so put your teams together and get your applications in! We want to see you in November….

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GNU Radio Organizational Changes to Address Growth

March 14, 2016 by

Ben Hilburn will be taking over as Project Lead while Johnathan Corgan will become the Chief Architect in charge of the codebase. They have already been doing a great job of building up their team structure and…

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QT GUI Widgets with Message Passing

March 11, 2016 by

This widget provides a simple QLineEdit box where we type in values, they get stored as a Python variable, and we pass these variables around like normal GRC variables. When running, updates to the entry box ar…

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New Way of Using ControlPort

October 20, 2015 by

I’d like to get us to have more blocks within the GNU Radio main source code that support configuration over ControlPort. We are going to rely heavily on ControlPort for our Android work where the Java applicat…

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QTGUI Tools and Tips

April 12, 2015 by

It’s been made apparent to me that not everyone knows about all of the capabilities in the QTGUI plotting tools we have in GNU Radio. We’ve also recently added a number of features that I think people will find…