Announcing Technical Proceedings for GRCon

Posted by Ben Hilburn

The GRCon Organizing Committee is very excited to announce our first Technical Proceedings to accompany GRCon16! The Proceedings will be a publication venue for technical papers in the area of applied radio technology, and will provide a way for authors to create a more complete reference of their work for users to refer to in the future. Chairing the Proceedings this year is Tim O’Shea, whom many of you know from his significant contributions and activity in the project and community.

Please note that writing a paper for inclusion in the Proceedings is not a requirement to give a talk at GRCon. Participation in the Proceedings is entirely optional, but is strongly encouraged. You also do not need to attend GRCon in order to publish in the Proceedings, so if you have work that you would like to share but cannot make it to GRCon, the Proceedings is a great avenue for you to share your work.

We strongly believe in authors’ rights to their own work, and open access to research. As such, we encourage authors to also submit their final work to the open-access e-print archive. In order to submit your paper to the GRCon Proceedings, you must grant us a non-exclusive license to distribute your work by agreeing to the “GNU Radio Non-Exclusive Distribution License 1.0”, documented on the website.

You can find much more information about the Proceedings, including important dates, paper templates, paper requirements, and licensing information on the website, here:

If you have any questions, please let us know! Otherwise, keep the abstract submissions coming, and we look forward to a successful GRCon and Proceedings publication!