GNU Radio Conference 2017 Proceedings Live

This year marks the second ever GNU Radio Conference Technical Proceedings (TP).  The TP is intended to provide a venue for more detailed and longer lasting results publication than what can be conveyed in a 30 minute talk at the conference.  As a result we adopted the current TP format, which takes the form of a free and open access research paper publication.  Speakers may elect to submit a paper to accompany their talk, and people doing good work in the area unable to attend the conference or give a talk may also elect to submit a paper from afar.  This year the single-cycle single-blind review process accepted 19 great papers (up from 10 last year).

Papers may all be accessed and read on our publication archive at  Thank you to all who took the time to write and contribute high quality papers and to those who helped in the review and orchestration process.  The papers included this year are shown below in no particular order, and we look forward to all of your great contributions next year continuing to make this the premier open source applied software radio venue.

Channelization using RFNoC, Phillip Vallance

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.15.4 LECIM DSSS PHY at 2.4 GHz Felix Wunsch, Kristian Maier, Holger Jäkel, Friedrich K Jondral

Study on Implementing OpenCL in Common GNURadio Blocks Michael Piscopo

Weak Signal Underwater Communications in the Ultra Low Frequency Band Michel Barbeau

Designing a RFNoC Block implementing a SISO Processor using High-Level Synthesis Andrea Guerrieri

An optimized GFDM software implementation for future Cloud-RAN and field tests Johannes Demel, Carsten Bockelmann, Armin Dekorsy, Andrej Rode, Sebastian Koslowski, Friedrich K Jondral

Implementation of Two Physical Layer Security Techniques in an OTA System Kevin Ryland, Marc Lichtman, T Charles Clancy

An Experiment Study for Time Synchronization Utilizing USRP and GNU Radio Won Jae Yoo, Kwang Ho Choi, JoonHoo Lim, La Woo Kim, Hyoungmin So, Hyung Keun Lee

An in band full duplex practical implementation applying passive self-interference cancellation Sergio Armas-Jimenez, Jaime Sanchez-Garcia

RFNoC Neural Network Library using Vivado HLS Edward Kreinar

Hierarchical Learning For FM Radio Based Aerial Localization Using RSSI Tathagata Mukherjee, Andreas Adolfsson, Eduardo Jr L Pasiliao, Piyush Kumar

Implementation of FGPA based Channel Sounder for Large scale antenna systems using RFNoC on USRP Platform Bhargav Gokalgandhi, Prasanthi Maddala, Ivan Seskar

RFNoC & Vivado HLS Challenge – Team Rabbit Ears: ATSC Receiver Andrew Lanez, Sachin Bharadwaj Sundramurthy, Alireza Khodamoradi

Efficient Band Occupancy and Modulation Parameter Detection Peter Mathys

Measured Latency Introduced by RF Network-on-Chip (RFNoC) Architecture Joshua Sunderlin

GPU Acceleration of DSP for Communication Receivers Jake Gunther, Hyrum Gunther, Todd Moon

Time and Frequency Corrections in a Distributed Radio Network Using Gnu Public Radio Sam Whiting, Dana Sorensen, Todd Moon, Jake Gunther

Time Difference of Arrival Localization Testbed: Development, Calibration, and Automation Kristen McClelland, Hayden Flinner, Randal Abler, Paul Garver, Jaison George

Minimizing Latency in Low Symbol Rate DVB-S2 Applications Wallace A Ritchie

Tim O’Shea