GNU Radio Users and Developers Meetup at 35c3

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Meetup Logo

Quick overview of 35c3

35c3 is the 2018 instance of the annual conference of the Chaos Communication Club.

It’s happening in Leipzig, Germany from the 27th to the 30th of December, and it hosts around 16·10³ people, all into different topics of technology, security, and effects of technology on privacy, policy and society as a whole.

As a FOSS project, GNU Radio has been the technological underpinning of many larger and smaller talks of the past years – be it for investigating telephony or M2M comms satellites, for making use of the surprisingly proprietary outernet system, or in the analysis of security of remote control or cellular systems.

It’s only logical that at such an event, many users of GNU Radio are present, and thus, the idea of a GNU Radio meetup was born.

Meetup facts

  • Friday, 2018-12-28, 16:25 in lecture hall 11.

Meetup structure

We’ll have a quick and dirty meetup for all people dealing with, or wanting to deal with, GNU Radio and its community and ecosystem.

Last year, we had a nice round of people shortly introducing themselves and explaining the problems they solve with GNU Radio, and the problems they face because they did so. That was very interesting, but the format (standing in a room full of chairs) wasn’t quite perfect.

This year, we’ll make sure to make things suit the purpose even better: we’ll have half an hour (16:25–16:55) of quick meet’n’greet (so that people who just quickly want to meet up and see each other can meet, exchange business cards and/or public keys), before then moving on to a bar, food strip or assembly (depending on the number and needs of the attendants) where we can have more one-on-one talking. It’s effectively what we’ve done last year, but this time, let’s call it a plan.

Meetup topics

If anyone wants to join, and has a topic to discuss that they think would be of relevance to an audience that spans different industries and academic disciplines, be sure to drop the GNU Radio mailing list ( a quick hint!