GNU Radio once again accepted for GSoC

Great news! For the seventh time, GNU Radio has been accepted for Google Summer of Code. With this project, Google offers a great opportunity for students, but also for projects like GNU Radio to pass on the love for F/OSS and bring fresh talent into the community.

You are a student, you want to participate in GSoC, and you would love hacking on a great SDR framework? Then head over to our ideas list [0] and see if there’s a project that you’re interested in. You are proficient in C++ and love DSP? What about working on radar algorithms or filter design? Or are you more into GUIs? GNU Radio Companion is awaiting your contribution! These are only a few examples, there’s a lot more things to work on during the summer.

Once you have found something or even have your own project idea, introduce yourself to the mailing list (discuss-gnuradio), let us know who you are, what you want to do and how you think you are going to achieve that!

Make sure you also read [1,2] to get an idea how the application process works, what we want to see in a proposal and how to become a successful GSoC student. The general GSoC timeline including the (very important!) deadlines can be found here [3]. The student application period officially begins in 4 weeks (March 25), but do not hesitate to introduce yourself before that date, especially if you have a project idea of your own for which you need to find a mentor!

GSoC is an awesome opportunity for you to improve your coding skills, network with experts, learn how open source projects work, make a real impact for a large user base, and (last but not least) earn some money during the summer months: Don’t miss out on that! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!