GNU Radio is happy to join NumFOCUS as an Affiliated Project!

NumFOCUS is a 501©(3) nonprofit that supports and promotes innovative open source scientific computing, with both fiscally sponsored and affiliated projects. Some examples of NumFOCUS’ fiscally sponsored projects include NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, IPython, Scikit-learn, and Julia. Example affiliated projects include Conda, Cython, Spyder, Numba, and now GNU Radio!

Joining NumFOCUS as an affiliated project makes a lot of sense; not only do we share the same ambition to make science accessible through free software, we also intensely use other NumFOCUS projects internally as well as externally, and bring a real-time stream processing perspective to the data processing toolkits under the NumFOCUS umbrella. NumFOCUS provides support for their projects in the form of community, promotion, and funding, which are three areas in which GNU Radio is trying to grow as a project. NumFOCUS requires that their projects “Be scientifically oriented.”, “Be open.”, and “Be kind.”, which aligns with GNU Radio’s core values.

The decision for GNU Radio to join NumFOCUS as an Affiliate Member was a result of both approval from the NumFOCUS selection committee, as well as a unanimous vote from the GNU Radio General Assembly.