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Cross Compile and Install a GNURadio OOT Module

April 27, 2017 by Philip

One of the first things you should want to do with your new embedded device is install a GNURadio OOT module on it and see it work. Recently I worked through process with gr-air-modes and the Ettus Research E31…

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Behind the Veil: A Peek at GNU Radio’s Buffer Architecture

January 5, 2017 by Marcus Müller

GNU Radio employs a buffer architecture that unites the advantages of the classical ring buffer with the technical feasibility of memory mapped buffering on modern operating system. The different kinds of appro…

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Reverse-Engineering Outernet

November 4, 2016 by Daniel Estévez

Using GNU Radio, I reverse engineered the Outernet satellite signal and built a fully working decoder. Here’s how I went from blind signal analysis to a working receiver….

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Bit Error Rate Testing

November 2, 2016 by Tim O'Shea

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FreeSRP – A New USB Software-Defined Radio

September 30, 2016 by Lukas Lao Beyer

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GRCon 2016 Wireless Hacking Challenge

September 1, 2016 by Balint Seeber

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Summer of Code 2016: Wrapping it up

August 30, 2016 by Martin Braun

We’re nearing GNU Radio Conference, the summer is coming to an end – and so is the summer of code, at least for GNU Radio. This summer was a great summer in terms of student participation, and as the students a…

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PyBOMBS – The What, the How and the Why

June 19, 2016 by Martin Braun

PyBOMBS is GNU Radio’s own “package manager”. Soon, we will be releasing PyBOMBS 2.1.0. As such, this is a great time to formally introduce the world to the new PyBOMBS….

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Dynamic GNU Radio Channel Model Enhancements

March 28, 2016 by Tim O'Shea

In an attempt to test modem performance deterministically through dropout conditions and partial fades selective, we added the fading model and selective fading model to GNU Radio a few years ago. Recently Bast…

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GNU Radio TensorFlow Blocks

February 2, 2016 by Tim O'Shea

TensorFlow is a powerful python-numpy expression compiler which supports concurrent GPP and GPU offload of large algorithms. It has been used largely in the machine learning community, but has implications for…