BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
androidcmake: set correct vars when pkg-config finds GSLNathan West4 years
maintAdd a clear warning to README and CMake that `maint` is a dead end.Marcus Müller8 months
maint-3.7ctrlport: Add int64_t vector to rpcbasic_insertergr-sp14 days
masterdigital: Convert GRC examples to YAML formatJohannes Demel5 days
python3modtool: modify str.translate() for python3 compatibilitySwapnil Negi10 months
3.8tech-previewcommit d9c981e513...Marcus Müller6 months
v3.7.13.4commit 14d2bfac73...Marcus Müller8 months
v3.7.13.3commit 3fef6dc5d9...Marcus Müller9 months
v3.7.13.2commit 8e2808513a...Marcus Müller10 months
v3.7.13.1commit 5ce2219bcc...Marcus Müller10 months
v3.7.13.0commit e640b487e7...Marcus Müller10 months
v3.7.12.0commit e4acf4f2f0...Marcus Müller12 months
3.7.12gitcommit 4e583c3556...Johnathan Corgan2 years
v3.7.11commit a7b1ca933b...Johnathan Corgan2 years
v3.7.10.2commit 0b582f0fd9...Johnathan Corgan2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 daysdigital: Convert GRC examples to YAML formatHEADmasterJohannes Demel17-39358/+11452
5 days digital: Convert GRC examples to YAML formatJohannes Demel8-6018/+1878
9 daysSWIG: Output SWIG source being parsed file during buildMarcus Müller1-1/+1
10 daysfixup! Modifying dummy block and error messagesDerek Kozel1-4/+3
10 daysModifying dummy block and error messagesVolker Schroer2-10/+12
10 daysCorrectly building dummy blockVolker Schroer2-3/+9
13 daysmodtool add: add C++ QA for both version '37', '38'Marcus Müller1-1/+1
14 daysuhd: fix freq_hopping example - missing 'time'Piotr Krysik1-5/+10
14 daysutils: remove space inserted for empty comment lines from generated codeRon Economos1-4/+21
14 daysutils: Install grc directory in gr_modtool CMakeLists.txt.Ron Economos1-3/+1