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gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff Class Reference

#include <gnuradio/filter/fir_filter.h>

Public Member Functions

 fir_filter_fff (int decimation, const std::vector< float > &taps)
 ~fir_filter_fff ()
void set_taps (const std::vector< float > &taps)
void update_tap (float t, unsigned int index)
std::vector< float > taps () const
unsigned int ntaps () const
float filter (const float input[])
void filterN (float output[], const float input[], unsigned long n)
void filterNdec (float output[], const float input[], unsigned long n, unsigned int decimate)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< float > d_taps
unsigned int d_ntaps
float ** d_aligned_taps
float * d_output
int d_align
int d_naligned

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::fir_filter_fff ( int  decimation,
const std::vector< float > &  taps 
gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::~fir_filter_fff ( )

Member Function Documentation

float gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::filter ( const float  input[])
void gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::filterN ( float  output[],
const float  input[],
unsigned long  n 
void gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::filterNdec ( float  output[],
const float  input[],
unsigned long  n,
unsigned int  decimate 
unsigned int gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::ntaps ( ) const
void gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::set_taps ( const std::vector< float > &  taps)
std::vector<float> gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::taps ( ) const
void gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::update_tap ( float  t,
unsigned int  index 

Member Data Documentation

int gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::d_align
float** gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::d_aligned_taps
int gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::d_naligned
unsigned int gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::d_ntaps
float* gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::d_output
std::vector<float> gr::filter::kernel::fir_filter_fff::d_taps

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