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gr::message Member List

This is the complete list of members for gr::message, including all inherited members.

arg1() constgr::messageinline
arg2() constgr::messageinline
length() constgr::messageinline
make(long type=0, double arg1=0, double arg2=0, size_t length=0)gr::messagestatic
make_from_string(const std::string s, long type=0, double arg1=0, double arg2=0)gr::messagestatic
msg() constgr::messageinline
msg_queue classgr::messagefriend
set_arg1(double arg1)gr::messageinline
set_arg2(double arg2)gr::messageinline
set_type(long type)gr::messageinline
sptr typedefgr::message
to_string() constgr::message
type() constgr::messageinline