August 2016 Dev Call

The June 2016 dev call will take place on Thu 25 Aug, at 1 PM Eastern (GMT -4:00).

Call Information

We do calls using Google Hangout, on our “Google+ Group”: Make sure to install the hangout plugin.

Calls are always managed through IRC. If you want to join, also join #gnuradio.

The call is usually announced long before the call. So click ‘Join’, then you will get your own button to join the hangout.

If you just want to listen in, there will be a stream of the call available. In this case, please don’t join the call, because there is a limit of users.

We use “MeetBot”: (Fleischautomat) to help us with the minutes. Don’t be shy, use the MeetBot commands (#info, #agreed, #link) generously.



More information:

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