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This talk is a hands-on introduction to Amateur Radio using Software Defined Radios. We will use GNU Radio, a Free and Open-Source Toolkit, and SDR transceivers to explore some digital signal processing operations. Come and build a full transmit and receive system in just a few hours. No prior electronics, programming, or communications theory knowledge is needed. The goal is to give you a practical understanding and the tools to explore and learn more.

Derek Kozel has been an Amateur Radio operator since his second year at university. He did his bachelors and masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University with projects and research into embedded systems, low power RF systems, and using genetic algorithms to design antennas and optimize modulation schemes. The focus on radio systems came as a result of his fun and educational experience in Amateur Radio and his positions at SpaceX, Range Networks, and now Ettus Research (a part of National Instruments) came about in part because of his Amateur Radio activities. He moved to Cardiff in April, speaks German, and likes hiking, traveling, and bad karaoke. He recently passed the UK license tests and has the callsign MW0LNA.

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