GNU Radio Conference 2016

University of Colorado, Boulder
September 12 - 16, 2016

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Call for Submissions

You may make one or more submissions under the following categories. In addition to submitting a talk, you may submit your topic to the Technical Proceedings of GRCon16, detailed below. You do not need to submit a full technical paper to the Proceedings in order to present at GRCon.

Presentations are 30 minutes long, including 5 minutes reserved for questions. Each presentation should be a slide-deck that can be shared publicly (PDF) after the conference. For presentations that are technical in nature, talks that present real-world development / testing will be favored over simulation-only work.

Tutorials are 40 minutes long, and should have an educational or “How-To” approach. If slides are used, they should be publicly shareable (PDF) after the conference. Demonstrations or “real-time examples” are welcome!

Posters can display any type of material that you believe is interesting to the community, and while most posters are technical, they don’t have to be. There is no poster template, so you can create whatever layout you would like. Poster easels will be provided.

To submit your presentation, please send us your presentation abstract by e-mail. Your abstract submission should include the following information:

  • Submission Type (Presentation, Tutorial, Poster)
  • Technical Description of Presentation(100 – 250 words)
  • Author(s) Names
  • Organization (if any)
  • Follow-Up Contact Information

If your submission is accepted, you must register for the conference. Please note that Student registrations are free. See the Pricing page for more details.

Please note that submitting a paper to the Technical Proceedings is not required to submit a Presentation, Tutorial, or Poster, but is strongly encouraged. You also do not need to attend the conference to publish in the Technical Proceedings.

Technical Proceedings Call For Participation

The GNU Radio Project is pleased to announce its first annual technical proceedings to accompany the GNU Radio Conference 2016.  We are excited to offer a venue for publication of important technical contributions in the area of applied radio technology at the intersection of Academic, Commercial, Free & Open Source Software, and Government.

Participation in the Technical Proceedings is entirely optional for speakers, but highly recommended to provide a deeper and more complete written reference for your work, future users, and derivative works to refer to in the future!

Open Source, Open Access Radio Research
We are strong believers in open access to research and strongly encourage you to co-submit your paper to and to provide any relevant reference implementations, simulations, or other source code via online hosting (e.g., Github).  Providing source code and reference implementations to allow others to independently reproduce the results of your paper is highly recommended.

Call for Papers
Unpublished papers focused on open, applied, radio technologies, especially those using or advancing GNU Radio, are welcomed for submission.  Papers must conform to the author guidelines below. We will follow a single blind review cycle and provide rolling reviews upon submission.

Important Dates

  • June 1: Deadline for Talk Abstract Submission
    • Abstracts must register for conference talks by this date, draft papers including abstracts may be submitted at this time but are not required.
  • June 10: Abstract Acceptance Notification
    • Notification of decisions on talk abstracts are provided to authors.
  • July 1: Deadline for Draft Paper Submission
    • Papers for inclusion in the technical proceedings are entirely optional, but offer a chance to leave a longer term impact and a deeper record of technical material than possible within your talk window.
    • Draft papers must be provided by July 1 for consideration of inclusion in the technical proceedings.
    • Draft papers may be submitted beginning June 1, rolling acceptance notifications will begin one week after.
    • Drafts for review must demonstrate substansive contribution forthcoming in final paper but need not be heavily polished.
  • July 10: Final Day for Acceptance Notification
    • Final technical proceedings decisions will be provided at least by this date.
  • Aug 12: Camera Ready Paper Due
    • Provide your final polished paper version for inclusion in the technical proceedings!
  • Early September: Proceedings Publication
    • Proceedings will be published electronically near the beginning of the GNU Radio Conference!

Paper Template and Formatting Requirements

We recommend that authors submit their papers using LaTeX, and have provided a LaTeX template for use in compiling technical papers.

Please carefully review the requirements before submission and use the template provided!

Papers submitted to the technocal proceedings must:

  • Be 8 pages or less in length (excluding references).
  • Use the provided template format above.
  • Contain substantive technical contribution or tutorials.
  • Cite relevant reference material appropriately.
  • Not be previously published in another venue.

Authors must agree to allow us to distribute their work under a non-exclusive license to distribute.

In your submission email, you must include the following statement to be included in the proceedings:

“I, <insert name here>, grant The GNU Radio Foundation, the Free Software Foundation, and the organizers thereof the right to distribute this work under the GNU Radio Non-Exclusive Distribution License 1.0 and publish this work in the GNU Radio Conference Proceedings.”


License Assignment by Authors

Papers to be included in the proceedings must grant The GNU Radio Foundation permission to include them in distribution of the proceedings through both physical and electronic mediums.  We do not require copyright assignment, but do require authors grant us a non-exclusive right to distribute their work.

GNU Radio Non-Exclusive Distribution License 1.0

  • I grant The GNU Radio Foundation a perpetual, non-exclusive license to distribute this article.
  • I certify that I have the right to grant this license.
  • I understand that submissions cannot be completely removed once accepted.
  • I understand that The GNU Radio Foundation reserves the right to reclassify or reject any submission.

This is a modified version of the Arxiv Non-Exclusive Distribution License

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