GNU Radio Conference 2017

Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, California
September 11 - 15, 2017

Conference Program

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GRCon17 Presentations


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GRCon17 Program

DARPA Workshop for the Bay Area Hackfest

  1. Overview of Hackfest Hardware/Software
  2. Installation of required software
  3. Overview of new gr-uaslink software
  4. Example use of gr-uaslink with a SITL system
  5. Example use of gr-uaslink with a serial connected pixHawk 2 controller
  6. Example OTA test of gr-uaslink to a 3DR-solo
  7. Topics of interest for the Hacker Space Challenges

DARPA RF Data Workshop

[30 min] (Tilghman) Workshop Introduction
[20 min] (All) Why are you interested in RF Datasets?
[20 min] (Roy) Where do we get the data?
[15 min] (Hilburn) How do we represent our data?
[10 min] (Rondeau) gr-sql: using GNU Radio to manage large RF data distribution
[10 min] (Tilghman) How do we make our data accessible to the community at large?
[30 min] BREAK
[30 min] (All) Defining the dataset
[30 min] (All) Collecting the dataset
[10 min] (All) Summary of actions