GNU Radio Conference 2017

Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, California
September 11 - 15, 2017

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Our sponsors are a critical part of making GRCon successful. With a range of sponsor packages to choose from, you can pick the level that fits your goals & budget. Sponsorship space is limited, so get in touch soon!

Diamond Sponsors

Ettus Research

Ettus Research

Ettus Research™, a National Instruments (NI) company since 2010, is the world’s leading supplier of software defined radio platforms, including the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP™) family of products. By supporting a wide variety of development environments on an expansive portfolio of high performance RF hardware, the USRP platform is the SDR platform of choice for thousands of engineers, scientists and students worldwide for algorithm development, exploration, prototyping and deployment for next generation wireless technologies across a wide variety of applications.


simpleXecutive Methodology’s patented modeling tools simulate hardware and software performance on embedded systems, prior to writing any code. We enable software engineers, architects and designers to deliver sophisticated real-time systems that meet requirements, at lower costs, on schedule and with greatly reduced risk. We encourage systematically testing and tuning overall system design until optimal performance is achieved. We applied our methodology and tools to the ATSC Flow Graph as part of our DARPA contract and worked with Corgan Labs. We improved performance by over 20% without changing any of the application code or data and will share details during our presentation.

Platinum Sponsors

Epiq Solutions

Epiq Solutions is a company focused on developing state of the art software defined radio platforms and sensors that push the limits of small form factor, integration and low power consumption. These products are used by customers around the world in multiple business sectors, including commercial, research and security/defense applications. In addition to radio platform expertise, Epiq Solutions specializes in developing integrated RF sensing products and signal processing applications that run on these platforms. These applications leverage decades of experience in the commercial wireless industry, enabling unique capabilities that support 2G/3G/4G cellular as well as other commercial wireless communications standards.

CyberRadio Solutions

CyberRadio’s mission is to deliver rugged hardware solutions that combine wideband RF tuners with embedded FPGA-based signal processing and standard network data interfaces for worldwide connectivity. CyberRadio Solutions GNURadio modules provide seamless open-source software development on all CyberRadio products. The addition of GNURadio modules enable the CyberRadio Solutions product line to support SDR applications. For More information on our GNU Radio Modules please visit us at

Gold Sponsors

Corgan Labs

We are Corgan Labs. As a leader within the GNU Radio community, our mission is to empower other engineers and developers to leverage software-defined radio (SDR) technology. We offer training and project consulting services, which are proven to shorten the learning curve and make development teams more productive. If your team is looking to learn the basics of SDR, is struggling to overcome unexpected development challenges, or is considering how to use the latest in SDR technology, we hope to help you through this process.

Hume Center for National Security and Technology

The Hume Center leads Virginia Tech’s research, education, and outreach programs focused on the challenges of cybersecurity and autonomy in the context of national and homeland security. Education programs provide mentorship, internships, scholarships, and seek to address key challenges in qualified US citizens entering federal service. Current research initiatives include cyber-physical system security, orchestrated missions, and the convergence of cyber warfare and electronic warfare. Positions open for graduate students and research faculty, with an emphasis on software defined radio, digital signal processing, and machine learning.

Silver Sponsors

Innovative Integration

Innovative Integration, a Molex Company,  designs and manufactures a variety of products which operate synergistically. Our broad range of XMC and FMC I/O modules support capture and playback of analog signals from DC to 5 GHz, with any number of channels phase-aligned and synchronous. These can be combined with our rugged, embedded PC or SoC single board-computers and custom programmed using our comprehensive Malibu C++ control library and Framework Logic software packages to rapidly deploy unique products for real-time control, wireless communications, medical instrumentation and portable field measurements.  Included within our portfolio is our Digital Transceiver and Digital Receiver series, which is a turnkey solution providing an integrated data logger, digital down conversion (DDC), digital up conversion (DUC), and a spectrum analyzer (FFT) in a compact system. The Digital Transceiver is a turnkey solution providing an integrated data logger, digital down conversion (DDC), digital up conversion (DUC), and a spectrum analyzer (FFT) in a compact system.

Bronze Sponsors


SkySafe was founded in 2015 to develop small drone management and mitigation systems. Built heavily on software defined radio and customized frontend hardware, the SkySafe solution leverages a library of drone threat information, protocol integration, and spectrum sensing techniques to secure sensitive airspace. We are avid supporters of open source platforms, security tools, and radio building blocks. For more information, please visit or email us at [email protected]