In this presentation, we will discuss the current transceiver technology of Analog Devices including some next-generation components. Specifically, an in-depth view of their architecture and advanced features that exists across the family will be discussed. To motivate the talk a series of examples will demonstrate these features with actual hardware, and different tools to model and control the transceivers will be featured. Since ADI transceivers are at the heart of many existing SDR solutions from companies all over the world, this talk will benefit many SDR users from hobbyists to defense system builders.

Understanding the internal operation of such transceivers as the AD936x, AD937x, and AD900x are important for optimal configuration for a given waveform or use case. This is especially important for the automatic gain control functionality since it can heavily impact the responsiveness and fidelity of your receiver. Configuration and impact of the ADC and filtering stages will also be included since it affects system performance as well as out of band interference control.