BAE Systems, in conjunction with DARPA, has developed the world’s most reconfigurable and real-time adaptable software-defined radio. Referred to as Hedgehog, the initial version of the RF exciter/receiver combines the FPGA-like MATRICs reconfigurable DC-20 GHz four-channel transceiver-on-a-chip with the Xilinx RFSoC for a compact and programmable radio asset for DoD and commercial applications. BAE Systems has also worked with National Instruments to port the UHD and RFNoC software and firmware to the Hedgehog platform for rapid prototyping with the GNU Radio framework. BAE will demonstrate the capabilities of the radio through a series of GNU Radio-facilitated waveform modulations/demodulations plus real-time reconfiguration of the front-end as an example of how the radio can respond to changing environmental conditions or system requirements. The demonstration will introduce the Hedgehog platform’s considerable configurable resources and outline the programming interface between the MATRICs front-end and GNU Radio. Finally, the demonstration will inform and engage the user community on the ultimate potential of the platform.

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