Call for Submissions

You may make one or more submissions under the following categories for presentation at GRCon. In addition to submitting a presentation, you may submit a paper to the Technical Proceedings of GRCon19. You do not need to submit a paper to the Proceedings in order to present at GRCon.

Talks are 20-30 minutes long, including 5 minutes reserved for questions. Each presentation should be a slide-deck that can be shared publicly (PDF) after the conference. For presentations that are technical in nature, talks that present real-world development / testing will be favored over simulation-only work.

Tutorials are 40 minutes long, and should have an educational or “How-To” approach. If slides are used, they should be publicly shareable (PDF) after the conference. Demonstrations or “real-time examples” are welcome!

Posters can display any type of material that you believe is interesting to the community, and while most posters are technical, they don’t have to be. There is no poster template, so you can create whatever layout you would like. Poster easels will be provided.

To submit your presentation, please send us your presentation abstract by e-mail. Your abstract submission should include the following information:

  • Submission Type (Talk, Tutorial, Poster)
  • Description of Presentation (100 – 250 words)
  • Author(s) Names
  • Organization (if any)
  • Follow-Up Contact Information

If your submission is accepted, you must register for the conference or your talk will be dropped from the schedule.

Please note that submitting a paper to the Technical Proceedings is not required to submit a Talk, Tutorial, or Poster, but is strongly encouraged. You also do not need to attend the conference to publish in the Technical Proceedings.