Call for Participation

November 22, 2019

GRCon20 was held September 14-18, 2020 online as a virtual event.

GRCon 2020 celebrated and showcased the substantial and remarkable progress of GNU Radio over the past two decades. We invited developers and users from the GNU Radio community to present projects, presentations, papers, posters, and problems.


You may make one or more submissions under the following categories for presentation at GRCon. In addition to submitting a presentation, you may submit a paper to the Technical Proceedings of GRCon20. You do not need to submit a paper to the Proceedings in order to present at GRCon.

We request that papers are formatted according to this LibreOffice Template or LaTeX class.

Talks are 30 minutes long as a default, including 5 minutes reserved for audience questions. Each presentation should be a slide-deck that can be shared publicly (PDF) after the conference. Real-world results using GNU Radio and hardware will be favored over simulation-only work.

Talks will be recorded and published on the GNU Radio YouTube channel after the conference.

Papers can be submitted with or without a talk. Authors are encouraged to attend the conference, but it is not a requirement for paper acceptance. Detailed real-world results using GNU Radio are encouraged.

Workshops are 1–4 hours long, and should have an educational or “How-To” approach. If slides are used, they should be publicly shareable (PDF) after the conference.

Lightning Talks are very concise (4-5 minutes), talks on topics of high interest to GNU Radio users and developers, and provide a chance for new presenters to share their use cases, projects or demos.

Posters can display any type of material that you believe is interesting to the community, and while most posters are technical, they don’t have to be.


Final deadline was 1 September 2020.

If you have questions or need assistance with the submission system, or have content that doesn’t quite fit and you want to talk it over, please write

If your submission is accepted, you must register for the conference or your talk will be dropped from the schedule. Registration is free for the presentation track and $50 for workshop attendance. Verified students are completely free for all conference activities.

Please note that submitting a paper to the Technical Proceedings is not required to submit a Talk, Tutorial, or Poster, but is strongly encouraged. You also do not need to attend the conference to publish in the Technical Proceedings.