GNU Radio accepted for GSoC ’16!

By Martin Braun | March 1, 2016

GNU Radio accepted for GSoC ’16!


I’m really happy to say that GNU Radio was accepted as a participating organization for Google Summer of Code 2016! After not participating last year, I’m very glad I can give this news, and it’ll be the fourth time that we participate in this program. Note: We’ll also apply for SOCIS again, but I haven’t heard from them yet.

For anyone interested in participating, it’s imperative that you read all of our GSoC pages carefully, starting here:

This includes our ideas list, which should be a starting point for anyone planning to apply.

Also, have a look at the summer of code home page, and the timeline:

Applications start on March 14th, but you should definitely get in touch with the community before that if you’re interested.

What to do if you want to participate in GSoC ‘16:

If you want to participate, you should first pick a project to work on. The ideas list (see link above) is where to go first for this, although you can bring your own ideas to the table as well (I still recommend looking at the ideas page to get an idea for a good scope).

Next, get in touch with us via the mailing list. We’re very happy about people wanting to participate, so please don’t be intimated by the mailing list. Let us know what you want to do!

Sooner rather than later, you need to start working on your actual application. You can do this before the application deadline: In the past, students have often prepared their application on github, or similar web services, andn then posted a link to that page on their actual application on the GSoC application page. This allows to iterate on the application faster, and make it easier for community member to give input. It might seem scary to post something like this in the public, but that’s what you’ll be doing with your work for the duration of the summer if you get accepted.

A couple of hints:

  • Really read the pages I linked to up top.
  • In the past, we’ve always had many more applicants than slots. So start working on your application early to give you a head start!
  • Usually, many more people apply to do radio stuff than to work on GUIs, whereas the latter is usually more useful to the bulk of our users. Just saying :)

OK, I’m hoping to see a lot of new people this round! If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread.

Cheers, Martin