GSOC 2017 Accepted Projects

We are really excited to announce that three students have been accepted to work on GNU Radio for Google’s Summer of Code 2017!

Our three students are Luca, Kartik, and Kostis.

Kostis’ project is implementing SigMF functionality for GNU Radio. His repository is gr-sigmf on Github, and his blog is at

Luca’s project is a DAB/DAB+ transceiver application. His repository is gr-dab on Github, and his blog is at

Kartik’s project is a web-based display mechanism for GNU Radio flowgraphs. His repository is gr-bokehgui on Github, and his blog is at

We now start the GSoC “Community Bonding period” during which Luca, Kartik, and Kosta have time to get ramped up within the project and community. We are really excited about their work this Summer, and look forward to working with them over the coming weeks.