Once again, we’ve done an overhaul of our website. All web content (that is, excluding the wiki) is now statically generated by Hugo.

While we had switched away from Wordpress earlier this year, we still weren’t fully satisfied. Updating the website was still a little bit too cumbersome, and we simply wanted a standard tool that just does the job ™. As we have no desire to track people reading our website, and we like git-based workflows, a static site generation from a git repository was the obvious candidate. All it took was someone to make the switch.

Once again, Andrej came in to the rescue and ported the current website and most of the designs. We will store and update the content through the hugo-website repository for now. Storing large files in git will sooner or later impact us (and maybe we have to move the repository to our own infrastructure). But we’ll keep you posted.

We often say it during keynotes, project updates, or calls: We suck at making websites (Andrej’s and Nate’s huge amount of work non-withstanding). We’re much better at thrashing I/Q samples at high rates. So we’d really like to ask people to chip in with keeping the website up to date. Changing it is as simple as changing anything else in GNU Radio – git clone, modify, push, and pull request. We’ll be collecting information on how exactly to modify the website on the repository README.

Thanks for anyone who will help us updating content and design, and another huge shoutout to Andrej and Nate for making our website happen!