GNU Radio Hackfest at ESA in the Netherlands and at FOSDEM ’20

By Marcus Müller | December 19, 2019

Just as the year closes, it’s time to remind people that two fantastic events are going to take place at the end of January / the beginning of February:


FOSDEM is the Free- and Open Source conference in Europe! GNU Radio has had a strong presence there for the last few years, and 2020 will be no different. Whilst you can be sure to find GNU Radio users and developers sitting and actively partaking in a lot of relevant tracks (Embedded, Policy, IoT, Python, …), the concentration of SDR content in the Free Software Radio makes it impossible for a lot of us to miss that session. The session organizers have gone through lengths to make sure that room has a good mixture of topics, and isn’t focused on GNU Radio alone – check out the schedule.

FOSDEM happens anually at the ULB campus in Brussels, Belgium, and is free for anyone. Its multitude of small session rooms makes it the perfect event to watch exactly the talks one is interested in, whilst meeting the main figures behind your favourite open source project. We’re looking forward to having a chat with you in Brussels!

ULB Campus Plan Map CC-BY-2.0 FOSDEM

Last year’s recordings

If you’re not sure what is expecting you: good news!

You can last year’s schedule in the FOSDEM 2019 archive, and that includes video recordings!

Pre-FOSDEM Hackfest at ESA ESTEC in Noordwijk

Nordwijk has a high concentration of communications engineers – and not the least of these is Andrej Rode, who’s been a long-term pillar of GNU Radio! He’s gone through lengths to organize the Pre-FOSDEM GNU Radio Hackfest 2020 at ESA/ESTEC.

It takes places January 28 to January 30, giving you enough time to get to see the beautiful city of Leiden, the space museum, and enjoy a fair bit of ESA atmosphere!

It’ll concern itself with compute infrastructure, metadata tools, build chains and CI systems, or whatever we find workgroups for. You’ll definitely want to read the wiki page and get up to speed on what you can do and contribute!

This is a limited headcount event – the free tickets are running low, so if you can and want to contribute to GNU Radio and its ecosystem, do hurry up.