What a Difference 10 Years Makes

By NI | September 14, 2020

10 Years of GNU Radio Conference

2020 is the 10th annual GNU Radio Conference. What a great 10 years! NI and Ettus Research have been a major supporter of this community event since its inception.

We are also proud to celebrate 10 years since NI acquired Ettus Research. The acquisition kicked off a revolution of SDR products, hacking, and wireless application enthusiasm together.

A History to Be Proud Of

The past 10 years has delivered many advancements and milestones in open-source SDR hardware, software, and systems. The USRP started as a project in Matt Ettusā€™s garage back in 2004, and it has now become a well-known name known in the SDR community. At GRCon 2018, we gave away the last of the original USRP1 devices. The USRP has evolved since then into the N-Series, X-Series, and E-Series devices which have advanced capabilities. It is amazing to see all the great ways the USRP is being used to define our wireless future.

In 2019, the USRP X310 was a major technology component of the DARPA SC2 Colosseum System which turned SDR and wireless into a spectator sport showing a bright future of wireless and AI.

256 USRP X310s used in DARPA SC2 (the largest channel emulator ever built)

256 USRP X310s used in DARPA SC2 (the largest channel emulator ever built)

The USRP has been heavily adopted into many defense applications and drone defense is notably a popular one where the USRP is helping to protect commercial space launches as well as soldiers on the battlefield.

USRP X310 used for drone defense by SkySafe

USRP X310 used for drone defense by SkySafe

The great things you are building with the USRP keep us passionate about building better technology to enable you. The best is yet to comeā€¦we are hard at work building the next generation of wireless devices to enable even more advanced wireless applications.

A History of Ettus Research SDR

A History of Ettus Research SDR

There is one constant in the universeā€¦ changeā€¦

You may have noticed a visual change to the company previously known as ā€˜National Instrumentsā€™. Before this year, ā€œNIā€ was a nickname for ā€œNational Instrumentsā€ and now it is officially the company name. The global nature of our business deems ā€œNationalā€ inaccurate, and ā€œInstrumentsā€ is no longer a holistic representation of what we offerā€”our Ettus Research branded SDR products are a great example of this fact. We are happy to see NI and Ettus Research names both in green this year at the GNU Radio Conference.

Over the past 3 years, NI has evolved and so has our Ettus Research SDR product line. This technology continues to be an area of development in our Aerospace and Defense industry focus as well as for wireless researchers and commercial application developers.

While NI has a new look, the same name Ettus Research is alive and well and we are excited to connect at GNU Radio Conference this year.

Letā€™s Connect Digitally in 2020

This year, we are proud to contribute to the great body of technical content at GNU Radio conference with:

  • 4 technical presentations
  • 2 FPGA workshops
  • 5 SDR demos.

To learn more about the great sessions visit: https://www.ettus.com/event/grcon/

Reach out to Haydn Nelson, haydn.nelson@ni.com, and weā€™ll set you up with one of our SDR experts to talk about how we can help you with your wireless application.

Reach out to Sales at sales@ettus.com.