The June updates for GNU Radio are out. Here is the changelog summary for v3.8.3.1.

[] - 2021-06-10

This is a PATCH level revision. The API is compatible with C++ code written for previous v3.8 releases. ABI (shared library signature) is intended to be compatible, so code linked against v3.8.3.0 should not require recompilation.


Build system

  • Improved messages related to dependencies MPIR and GMP. Only one of these packages is required, and the previous error messages were confusing.


  • Parameter expressions and/or values can be displayed in blocks on the flowgraph. Previously, only values were displayed. Look for the “Show Parameter …” toggles under the View menu.
  • Vector length is now correctly applied to all input ports.
  • Validation has been improved. Raw types are validated. Port connections are checked by type rather than by item size.
  • Variable names that cause conflicts in Python code (e.g., package names) are rejected.
  • Bus logic fixes.
  • Blocks can no longer be dragged off the screen and lost forever.


  • VL-SNR bugs fixed (incorrect constants).


  • Improve autoscaling for vector sinks.


  • “File/Save” is disabled until the taps have been computed, and the GUI is reset after a save, to make it clearer which data is being saved.
  • Entries are hidden for parameters that do not apply to the selected filter type.

At LEAST the following authors contributed to this release.