Deepwave Digital at GRCon21

By Deepwave Digital | September 19, 2021

Deepwave Digital is pleased to be a first-time sponsor of the GNU Radio Conference. As software radio technology evolves into new applications and capabilities, Deepwave Digital brings the parallel processing power of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) our own Artificial Intelligence Radio Transceiver (AIR-T), and a small form factor integrated Software Defined Radio (SDR). We’ve all been witness to the astonishing speed at which the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence have developed.
New Radio Frequency (RF) applications, or greatly enhanced performance in existing applications are being developed. Applications such as Automatic modulation recognition RF device fingerprinting, and adaptive modulation and coding have been demonstrated in recent years.

Another area being explored is the marriage of artificial intelligence applications on the data content of RF communications, opening new opportunities for wireless communications users. By applying machine learning tasks such as object recognition, image segmentation, and speech processing and performing these tasks at the edge where RF data is received, the processing burden on distant servers is alleviated. The requirement to connect to a server farm is greatly reduced or eliminated completely.

We invite all GRCon21 attendees to attend the presentation by our own CEO John Ferguson on GPUs in Software Defined Radio on September 23rd at 1400. John will be joined by Adam Thompson of NVIDIA, and together they will explore the architecture and implementations of GPU enabled SDRs.

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