[] - 2021-10-25

This is an API compatible update to GNU Radio 3.9. Code written for 3.9.X versions should compile and link without modification. The ABI is not guaranteed to be compatible, so a rebuild of OOT modules may be necessary.


Regressions Fixes

  • Remove #include <filesystem> (C++17 feature) from one file
  • Restore pyqwidget() in gr-qtgui


  • GRC now runs on Fedora 35 … Gtk initialization checks were too strict
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for zoom
  • Account for scale factor when computing drawing area size
  • Use font size from config for block comments
  • Change type aliasing to allow interleaved short/byte to be connected to vectors of short/byte. Stricter type checking was added previously and caused some blocks to be unconnectable when using these types.
  • Required params no longer default to 0 when left empty. This caused hard-to-find errors. Older flowgraphs that have empty required fields will need to be fixed.
  • Tooltips fixed for categories and modules


  • PMT uses the VOLK allocator for vectors
  • get_tags_in_window() Python wrapper calls the correct function
  • Add --pybind option to gnuradio-config-info to get PyBind11 version


  • Add example for XMLRPC
  • Add a unit test for Message Strobe
  • Fix C++ support for Unpacked to Packed


  • RNG seeds are initialized correctly


  • Fix yml file for Header/Payload Demux


  • Suppress warning in tuntap


  • Remove unusable int type in Number Sink yml
  • Use no_quotes() function in several yml files


  • Hashes can be fixed using modtool using --update-hash-only
  • Use tempfile() instead of /tmp in bindtool and modtool
  • Use static_cast instead of reinterpret_cast in templates
  • Correct broken Python general block template

Build system

  • Better check for Boost version
  • Determine the Python prefix more reliably
  • Use GR-specified compiler standard (C++14) in gr-soapy, instead of the SoapySDR standard (C++11)
  • GrPython.cmake is compatible with older cmake


  • Man pages are in-tree
  • Repair many examples, especially in gr-digital
  • Allow UTF-8 in pydoc templates


  • Execute make install during test
  • Add Ubuntu 18.04 test target