February 2022: Organization Updates

By Martin Braun | February 10, 2022

The last six months brought a small number of changes regarding the GNU Radio project. Time to give an update!

General Assembly September 2021

In September 2021, prior to GRCon, the General Assembly met for a “synchronous meeting” (which is what we call official events with real-time voting/elections).

The meeting mainly comprised of the Board giving an update on activities and finances, an election of the Board, and votes on new members to the GA. You can find the minutes here.

The board election concluded with Martin Braun, Derek Kozel, and Marc Lichtman being re-elected as members of the Board. For the initial assembly in 2020, it had been decided to elect the Board only for a single year (instead of the usual two-year term) as a way to iron out early issues with the new GNU Radio organization structure. Unless any of the members step down, these members of the board will remain in office until the synchronous GA meeting in late 2023.

Derek Kozel remains our Principal Investigator and main contact to The SETI Institute.

Structure of the General Assembly

As of today, the General Assembly consists of the following 15 members (in alphabetical order by their first name):

  • Andrej Rode
  • Barry Duggan
  • Bastian Bloessl
  • Ben Hilburn
  • Derek Kozel
  • Jacob Gilbert
  • Jeff Long
  • Johannes Demel
  • Josh Morman
  • Marc Lichtman
  • Marcus Müller
  • Martin Braun
  • Nate Temple
  • Philip Balister
  • Samantha Palazzolo

New members are elected by the GA itself. Votes on membership can occur asynchronously all-year. Changes in GA membership are noted in our minutes.

Code of Conduct Committee

Marc Lichtman is the head of our Code of Conduct Committee. This committee is responsible for handling issues or complaints regard conduct of community members.

If you have questions regarding our code of conduct, or want to raise an issue, please email coc@gnuradio.org. The team will treat your request privately and quickly.