GNU Radio

By Jeff Long | April 10, 2022


[] - 2022-04-09


Project Scope

  • PEP8 formatting applied and enforced on all Python files.


  • New JSON Config and YAML Config blocks that load configuration variables from files at runtime. Those variables may then be used in block parameters.
  • Store the GNU Radio version in flowgraph metadata when saving.
  • Minor change in Python evaluation code to allow affinity, minoutbuf and maxoutbuf to be adjusted via script para meters.
  • Show blocks with “deprecated” flags as deprecated.
  • Bug fix: initialize value for “priority” parameter in Python Snippets.
  • Don’t blacklist default as a flowgraph ID to prevent always starting in an error state


  • Add ownership and locking to hier_block2 to avoid crash/freeze after disconnect.


  • Fix C++ code generation for random_uniform_source


  • Add exponential distribution to Message Strobe Random block’s delay selection.
  • Skip alignment check in File Source when the input file is not seekable (e.g., it is a pipe).


  • Fix crash in Rational Resampler logging
  • Bug fix: buses should now work with PFB channelizer and synthesizer.


  • Provide Python bindings for PCCC Encoder and Viterbi Combo.


  • Improve text/background color on Range widget.
  • Digital Number Control emits message with new, instead of previous, value.
  • Message Edit Box sends message only when return is pressed, rather than whenever focus is lost.
  • Vector Sink allows legend to be disabled.
  • Type error fixes (Python 3.10 is stricter about int casting).
  • Frequency/Waterfall Sinks force power of 2 for fft size


  • Correct descriptor names in uhd_fpga_ddc/duc.

Code generation tools

  • Support strongly-typed enums in Python bindings


The following people contributed commits to this release. There are may people who contribute in other ways … discussions, reviews, bug reporting, testing, etc. We just don’t have an easy way to provide credit for all that valuable work.