Dear GNU Radio community,

the GRCon'23 organizing committee has been able to set up all the mechanics behind the scenes, and so:

Conference Registration for the thirteenth annual GNU Radio Conference is open!

GRCon'23 takes place September 5 – 9, 2023 (Tuesday-Saturday) in Tempe, AZ. It is the central event for the GNU Radio community, with its scope including applications, technological, commercial and regulatory developments involving GNU Radio and the SDR ecosystem. It traditionally hosts a wide range of governmental, industrial, academic and non-profit presentations and has established itself as a prime venue for users, vendors, developers and scientists involved in the FOSS SDR ecosystem.

Ticket prices will increase this year as we get closer to the event to account for increased costs of late registration. The prices increase on August 18th, and again on Septh 4th for very late registration. Early registration significantly helps our ability to make financial commitments so please register early if you can. New this year is the option for single day tickets. For detailed registration information including ticket prices please see the registration information page

In-Person Attendance Tickets

As we’ll be able to meet up in person again this year, you’ll find a couple of in-person attendance ticket tiers.

These all grant the same level of access, but address different target audiences. For this GRCon, there are two main registration levels: Standard and Discounted. The conference would be less useful to the community and less attractive to our sponsors if you weren’t there! Use your best judgement on what works best for your situation. If you have any questions, please do reach out to

Standard Registration
If your organization is paying for you to attend, please select this option.
Discounted Registration
If you're an individual attending at your own cost, feel free to consider this option. Others who may not be able to attend at the Standard Registration cost, should also consider this option.
Student Registration
Heavily subsidized. Applies to students currently enrolled in a university program (or secondary school). In exchange for subsidizing your ticket, your CV will be shared with our student sponsors. If you are a student and present something at the conference, you can even get a free voucher. Please read the Student Registration Guide before selecting Student Registration.
✨Patron Supporter Registration✨
Interested in providing additional support to the project? Looking for an uncomplicated way to get your company logo on the GRCon'23 website? This is the "easiest" and lowest-cost of our sponsorship levels; you pay an extra $250 (cost of Patron sponsorship) atop the Standard Registration. See Sponsorship Opportunities for additional details!

Virtual Attendance Tickets

As has been for the last years, the GNU Radio conference will be live streamed, for free. Everyone, in-person or remote, is encouraged to partake in discussion using our online chat system.

You do not have to register to participate, but we would appreciate it. It's a "pay what you want" system, and is designed to reduce the cost of the streaming setup – after all, we're paying a professional crew full-time for the main track to make sure our streams are good!

Even if you to not decide to pay anything, registration through the ticketing interface gives us statistics, something we can use to dimension chat infrastructure, talk to future sponsors, and address the needs of our online audience better.

Call for Participation

We still have open slots for
  • Talks,
  • Papers to be published in the proceedings,
  • Workshops, where you can be passionate about something technical, regulatory or scientific with and towards a group of people in a breakout room,
  • Posters, which typically are technical – but don't have to be!, and
  • Breakout Sessions
Check out the Call for Participation on how to be a source of information at GRCon, and increase our entropy!