GSoC Standalone GRC : week-7

By Rahul Balaji | July 23, 2023


So the main focus of this week was to store the information during runtime so that it is accessible in a proper format.

So the workflow manager was set to store information with chainmaps, where we store each parameter with the corresponding workflow id, like so.

class WorkflowManager(Element):

	workflow_labels= []
	workflow_ids = []
	param_list = ChainMap()
	def load_workflow_description(self, data, filepath):
"""parse the .workflow.yml file and add it to the list"""
		log = logger.getChild('workflow_loader')
		log.debug('loading %s', filepath)
		label = data['label']
		workflow_id = data['id']
		for l in workflow_labels:
			if l == label:
				log.error('file already parsed')
	doc = data['description']
	flags = data['flags']
	new_param = {workflow_id: data['parameters']}
	param_list = param_list.new_child(new_param)

The chain-map param_list is how we plan to access the parameters and add or replace the parameters in other files like, thus controlling the workflow.

What’s next?

The next set of steps is to make sure the system works as intended and to fix a few errors in the code. Making a .yml file and testing the module to ensure that it is correctly storing data will be the focus.

That brings us to an end to the updates for week 7.