GSoC Standalone GRC : week-10

By Rahul Balaji | August 18, 2023


With week 10 coming to a close, there are a few more updates regarding the project that I am excited to share with all.

Bug fixes:

Since last update, there were a few bugs and issues that were present in the code, mainly in and in some .workflow.yml files, which I spent on solving this week to make sure the modules work.

Code cleanup:

There are many files in the repository where the old code I wrote and were used for my reference are just placed as comments that are not required. I removed them and also cleaned up the code a bit to make it more readable and presentable for the final evaluation.

What’s next?

With the final evaluation for my GSoC coding period next week, I will:

  1. Finish documenting the progress of the project that has occurred throughout this time period.\
  2. Set the future goals for the project while comparing the changes from the initial proposal drawn.\