CfP for the Software-Defined Radio and Amateur Radio devroom at FOSDEM'24

By Marcus Müller | November 8, 2023

Software Defined Radio & Amateur Radio Devroom at FOSDEM ’24 (3. & 4. February 2024)

Dear Friends of Free and Open Source Radio!

In case you’re wondering what Amateur Radio and Software-Defined Radio are, we have a small introduction below. See the “Recommended Topics” section!

We invite developers and users of Free Software from these fields and to contribute to this event by presenting their projects, ideas and their work.

Please read our Call for Presentations below: See you in Brussels!

Bastien, Marc and Marcus

Submit Your Presentations!

To suggest a talk, go to

“Submit a proposal” and fill in the fields; make sure it’s in the Software Defined Radio and Amateur Radio track!

Content and Shape of Presentations

Please aim for your talk to be 20 to 25 minutes long, which leaves enough time for questions & answers within a 30 minute slot.

The final schedule will be available through Pretalx and the official FOSDEM website. Notice that the reference time will be Brussels local time (CET).

In the Software Defined Radio and Amateur Radio devroom, we aren’t constrained to holding slideshow presentation – bring your demo, your prototype! However, since this is a software community conference, please refrain from offering marketing-style presentations. Give the radio experts something to chew on! We like the nitty-gritty technical details.

Travel Aid

If you are a young person, and cannot afford to travel to Brussels and stay there, please do contact us as early as possible with an itemized estimate of your financial needs, and remark that you’ve done so in your proposal’s “Submission Notes”. The International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 has generously offered to assist financially for up to two contributors.

Topics discussed in the devroom include, but are not limited to:

  • SDR frameworks and the tools that make them useful
  • New SDR-based developments in ham radio modes
  • Cellular/telecom software
  • Amateur radio operator software tooling
  • Free / Open radio hardware
  • Wireless security research
  • Entertaining wireless hacks
  • SDR & ham radio in mass and higher education
  • Satellite, spacecraft and interplanetary communication

Software-Defined Radio is the technology of enabling radio signals to be processed and generated algorithmically, typically within general purpose processors, but also within FPGAs and GPUs; Free and Open Source (FOSS) Software Radio allows these algorithms to be inspectable and improvable. With the advent of ubiquitous IoT, sky-filling satellite megaconstellations and 5G/6G as standards designed with commercial Software Radios in mind, wireless is an exploding field of interest in the FOSS realm.

Ham Radio, also known as amateur radio, is more than just a hobby orbiting the usage of radio communication – it’s a passion that merges the realms of electronics, human interaction, and communication. At its core, ham radio is about establishing connections: with people, with technology, and with the world at large. It is a free and open community effort at heart!

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: 1. December 2023
  • Announcement of selected talks: 15. December 2023
  • Conference: 3. & 4. February 2024

Organizer’s Contacts