GNU Radio 3.4.0 C++ API
gc_types.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <gcell/gc_cdefs.h>
#include <gcell/compiler.h>
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#define true   1
#define false   0


typedef uint64_t gc_eaddr_t
 64-bit integer type representing an effective address (EA)


static void * ea_to_ptr (gc_eaddr_t ea)
static gc_eaddr_t ptr_to_ea (void *p)


__GC_BEGIN_DECLS typedef int bool

Define Documentation

#define false   0
#define true   1

Typedef Documentation

typedef uint64_t gc_eaddr_t

64-bit integer type representing an effective address (EA)

This type is always 64-bits, regardless of whether we're running in 32 or 64-bit mode.

Function Documentation

static void* ea_to_ptr ( gc_eaddr_t  ea) [inline, static]

Referenced by ea_to_jdp().

static gc_eaddr_t ptr_to_ea ( void *  p) [inline, static]

Referenced by jdp_to_ea().

Variable Documentation

__GC_BEGIN_DECLS typedef int bool