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gr::analog::probe_avg_mag_sqrd_cf Class Reference

compute avg magnitude squared. More...

#include <probe_avg_mag_sqrd_cf.h>

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Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr
< probe_avg_mag_sqrd_cf

Public Member Functions

virtual bool unmuted () const =0
virtual double level () const =0
virtual double threshold () const =0
virtual void set_alpha (double alpha)=0
virtual void set_threshold (double decibels)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static sptr make (double threshold_db, double alpha=0.0001)
 Make a block that computes avg magnitude squared.

Detailed Description

compute avg magnitude squared.

Input stream 0: complex Output stream 0: float

Compute a running average of the magnitude squared of the the input. The level and indication as to whether the level exceeds threshold can be retrieved with the level and unmuted accessors.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Function Documentation

virtual double gr::analog::probe_avg_mag_sqrd_cf::level ( ) const [pure virtual]
static sptr gr::analog::probe_avg_mag_sqrd_cf::make ( double  threshold_db,
double  alpha = 0.0001 
) [static]

Make a block that computes avg magnitude squared.

threshold_dbThreshold for muting.
alphaGain parameter for the running average filter.
virtual void gr::analog::probe_avg_mag_sqrd_cf::set_alpha ( double  alpha) [pure virtual]
virtual void gr::analog::probe_avg_mag_sqrd_cf::set_threshold ( double  decibels) [pure virtual]
virtual double gr::analog::probe_avg_mag_sqrd_cf::threshold ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool gr::analog::probe_avg_mag_sqrd_cf::unmuted ( ) const [pure virtual]

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