GNU Radio 3.6.5 C++ API

gr::analog::sig_source_c Class Reference

signal generator with gr_complex output. More...

#include <sig_source_c.h>

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gr_sync_block gr_block gr_basic_block gr_msg_accepter gruel::msg_accepter gr::analog::sig_source_c_impl

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Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr
< sig_source_c

Public Member Functions

virtual double sampling_freq () const =0
virtual gr::analog::gr_waveform_t waveform () const =0
virtual double frequency () const =0
virtual double amplitude () const =0
virtual gr_complex offset () const =0
virtual void set_sampling_freq (double sampling_freq)=0
virtual void set_waveform (gr::analog::gr_waveform_t waveform)=0
virtual void set_frequency (double frequency)=0
virtual void set_amplitude (double ampl)=0
virtual void set_offset (gr_complex offset)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static sptr make (double sampling_freq, gr::analog::gr_waveform_t waveform, double wave_freq, double ampl, gr_complex offset=0)

Detailed Description

signal generator with gr_complex output.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Function Documentation

virtual double gr::analog::sig_source_c::amplitude ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual double gr::analog::sig_source_c::frequency ( ) const [pure virtual]
static sptr gr::analog::sig_source_c::make ( double  sampling_freq,
gr::analog::gr_waveform_t  waveform,
double  wave_freq,
double  ampl,
gr_complex  offset = 0 
) [static]

Build a signal source block.

sampling_freqSampling rate of signal.
waveformwavetform type.
wave_freqFrequency of waveform (relative to sampling_freq).
amplSignal amplitude.
offsetoffset of signal.
virtual gr_complex gr::analog::sig_source_c::offset ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual double gr::analog::sig_source_c::sampling_freq ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual void gr::analog::sig_source_c::set_amplitude ( double  ampl) [pure virtual]
virtual void gr::analog::sig_source_c::set_frequency ( double  frequency) [pure virtual]
virtual void gr::analog::sig_source_c::set_offset ( gr_complex  offset) [pure virtual]
virtual void gr::analog::sig_source_c::set_sampling_freq ( double  sampling_freq) [pure virtual]
virtual void gr::analog::sig_source_c::set_waveform ( gr::analog::gr_waveform_t  waveform) [pure virtual]
virtual gr::analog::gr_waveform_t gr::analog::sig_source_c::waveform ( ) const [pure virtual]

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