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gr::blocks::packed_to_unpacked_ii Class Reference

Convert a stream of packed bytes or shorts to stream of unpacked bytes or shorts. More...

#include <packed_to_unpacked_ii.h>

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gr_block gr_basic_block gr_msg_accepter gruel::msg_accepter gr::blocks::packed_to_unpacked_ii_impl

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Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr
< packed_to_unpacked_ii

Static Public Member Functions

static sptr make (unsigned int bits_per_chunk, gr_endianness_t endianness)

Detailed Description

Convert a stream of packed bytes or shorts to stream of unpacked bytes or shorts.

input: stream of int; output: stream of int

This is the inverse of gr::blocks::unpacked_to_packed_XX.

The bits in the bytes or shorts input stream are grouped into chunks of bits_per_chunk bits and each resulting chunk is written right- justified to the output stream of bytes or shorts. All b or 16 bits of the each input bytes or short are processed. The right thing is done if bits_per_chunk is not a power of two.

The combination of gr_packed_to_unpacked_XX_ followed by gr_chunks_to_symbols_Xf or gr_chunks_to_symbols_Xc handles the general case of mapping from a stream of bytes or shorts into arbitrary float or complex symbols.

See also:
gr::blocks::packed_to_unpacked_bb, gr::blocks::unpacked_to_packed_bb,
gr::blocks::packed_to_unpacked_ss, gr::blocks::unpacked_to_packed_ss,
gr::blocks::chunks_to_symbols_bf, gr::blocks::chunks_to_symbols_bc.
gr::blocks::chunks_to_symbols_sf, gr::blocks::chunks_to_symbols_sc.

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Member Function Documentation

static sptr gr::blocks::packed_to_unpacked_ii::make ( unsigned int  bits_per_chunk,
gr_endianness_t  endianness 
) [static]

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