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gr::blocks::tagged_file_sink Class Reference

A file sink that uses tags to save files. More...

#include <tagged_file_sink.h>

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Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr
< tagged_file_sink

Static Public Member Functions

static sptr make (size_t itemsize, double samp_rate)
 Build a tagged_file_sink block.

Detailed Description

A file sink that uses tags to save files.

The sink uses a tag with the key 'burst' to trigger the saving of the burst data to a new file. If the value of this tag is True, it will open a new file and start writing all incoming data to it. If the tag is False, it will close the file (if already opened). The file names are based on the time when the burst tag was seen. If there is an 'rx_time' tag (standard with UHD sources), that is used as the time. If no 'rx_time' tag is found, the new time is calculated based off the sample rate of the block.

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static sptr gr::blocks::tagged_file_sink::make ( size_t  itemsize,
double  samp_rate 
) [static]

Build a tagged_file_sink block.

itemsizeThe item size of the input data stream.
samp_rateThe sample rate used to determine the time difference between bursts

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