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gr::digital::packet_headerparser_b Class Reference

Post header metadata as a PMT. More...

#include <packet_headerparser_b.h>

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Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr
< packet_headerparser_b

Static Public Member Functions

static sptr make (const gr::digital::packet_header_default::sptr &header_formatter)
static sptr make (long header_len, const std::string &len_tag_key)

Detailed Description

Post header metadata as a PMT.

In a sense, this is the inverse block to packet_headergenerator_bb. The difference is, the parsed header is not output as a stream, but as a PMT dictionary, which is published to message port with the id "header_data".

The dictionary consists of the tags created by the header formatter object. You should be able to use the exact same formatter object as used on the Tx side in the packet_headergenerator_bb.

If only a header length is given, this block uses the default header format.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Function Documentation

static sptr gr::digital::packet_headerparser_b::make ( const gr::digital::packet_header_default::sptr header_formatter) [static]
header_formatterHeader object. This should be the same as used for packet_headergenerator_bb.
static sptr gr::digital::packet_headerparser_b::make ( long  header_len,
const std::string &  len_tag_key 
) [static]
header_lenNumber of bytes per header
len_tag_keyLength Tag Key

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