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gr::filter::single_pole_iir_filter_cc Class Reference

single pole IIR filter with complex input, complex output More...

#include <single_pole_iir_filter_cc.h>

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Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr
< single_pole_iir_filter_cc

Public Member Functions

virtual void set_taps (double alpha)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static sptr make (double alpha, unsigned int vlen=1)

Detailed Description

single pole IIR filter with complex input, complex output

The input and output satisfy a difference equation of the form \f{ y[n] - (1-alpha) y[n-1] = alpha x[n] \f}

with the corresponding rational system function \f{ H(z) = \frac{alpha}{1 - (1-alpha) z^{-1}} \f}

Note that some texts define the system function with a + in the denominator. If you're using that convention, you'll need to negate the feedback tap.

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Member Function Documentation

static sptr gr::filter::single_pole_iir_filter_cc::make ( double  alpha,
unsigned int  vlen = 1 
) [static]
virtual void gr::filter::single_pole_iir_filter_cc::set_taps ( double  alpha) [pure virtual]

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