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gr_additive_scrambler_bb Class Reference

#include <gr_additive_scrambler_bb.h>

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Public Member Functions

int work (int noutput_items, gr_vector_const_void_star &input_items, gr_vector_void_star &output_items)
 just like gr_block::general_work, only this arranges to call consume_each for you


gr_make_additive_scrambler_bb (int mask, int seed, int len, int count)

Detailed Description

Scramble an input stream using an LFSR. This block works on the LSB only of the input data stream, i.e., on an "unpacked binary" stream, and produces the same format on its output.

maskPolynomial mask for LFSR
seedInitial shift register contents
lenShift register length
countNumber of bits after which shift register is reset, 0=never

The scrambler works by XORing the incoming bit stream by the output of the LFSR. Optionally, after 'count' bits have been processed, the shift register is reset to the seed value. This allows processing fixed length vectors of samples.

Member Function Documentation

int gr_additive_scrambler_bb::work ( int  noutput_items,
gr_vector_const_void_star input_items,
gr_vector_void_star output_items 
) [virtual]

just like gr_block::general_work, only this arranges to call consume_each for you

The user must override work to define the signal processing code

Implements gr_sync_block.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

GR_CORE_API gr_additive_scrambler_bb_sptr gr_make_additive_scrambler_bb ( int  mask,
int  seed,
int  len,
int  count 
) [friend]

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