GNU Radio 3.6.5 C++ API

gr_oscope_sink_x Class Reference

Abstract class for python oscilloscope module.Don't instantiate this. Use gr_oscope_sink_f or gr_oscope_sink_c instead. More...

#include <gr_oscope_sink_x.h>

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gr_sync_block gr_block gr_basic_block gr_msg_accepter gruel::msg_accepter gr_oscope_sink_f

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Public Member Functions

 ~gr_oscope_sink_x ()
bool set_update_rate (double update_rate)
bool set_decimation_count (int decimation_count)
bool set_trigger_channel (int channel)
bool set_trigger_mode (gr_trigger_mode mode)
bool set_trigger_slope (gr_trigger_slope slope)
bool set_trigger_level (double trigger_level)
bool set_trigger_level_auto ()
bool set_sample_rate (double sample_rate)
bool set_num_channels (int nchannels)
int num_channels () const
double sample_rate () const
double update_rate () const
int get_decimation_count () const
int get_trigger_channel () const
gr_trigger_mode get_trigger_mode () const
gr_trigger_slope get_trigger_slope () const
double get_trigger_level () const
int get_samples_per_output_record () const

Protected Member Functions

 gr_oscope_sink_x (const std::string name, gr_io_signature_sptr input_sig, double sampling_rate)

Protected Attributes

double d_sampling_rate

Detailed Description

Abstract class for python oscilloscope module.

Don't instantiate this. Use gr_oscope_sink_f or gr_oscope_sink_c instead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gr_oscope_sink_x::gr_oscope_sink_x ( const std::string  name,
gr_io_signature_sptr  input_sig,
double  sampling_rate 
) [protected]
gr_oscope_sink_x::~gr_oscope_sink_x ( )

Member Function Documentation

int gr_oscope_sink_x::get_decimation_count ( ) const
int gr_oscope_sink_x::get_samples_per_output_record ( ) const
int gr_oscope_sink_x::get_trigger_channel ( ) const
double gr_oscope_sink_x::get_trigger_level ( ) const
gr_trigger_mode gr_oscope_sink_x::get_trigger_mode ( ) const
gr_trigger_slope gr_oscope_sink_x::get_trigger_slope ( ) const
int gr_oscope_sink_x::num_channels ( ) const
double gr_oscope_sink_x::sample_rate ( ) const
bool gr_oscope_sink_x::set_decimation_count ( int  decimation_count)
bool gr_oscope_sink_x::set_num_channels ( int  nchannels)
bool gr_oscope_sink_x::set_sample_rate ( double  sample_rate)
bool gr_oscope_sink_x::set_trigger_channel ( int  channel)
bool gr_oscope_sink_x::set_trigger_level ( double  trigger_level)
bool gr_oscope_sink_x::set_trigger_level_auto ( )
bool gr_oscope_sink_x::set_trigger_mode ( gr_trigger_mode  mode)
bool gr_oscope_sink_x::set_trigger_slope ( gr_trigger_slope  slope)
bool gr_oscope_sink_x::set_update_rate ( double  update_rate)
double gr_oscope_sink_x::update_rate ( ) const

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