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gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f Class Reference

compute avg magnitude squared. More...

#include <gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f.h>

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gr_sync_block gr_block gr_basic_block gr_msg_accepter gruel::msg_accepter

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Public Member Functions

 ~gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f ()
int work (int noutput_items, gr_vector_const_void_star &input_items, gr_vector_void_star &output_items)
 just like gr_block::general_work, only this arranges to call consume_each for you
bool unmuted () const
double level () const
double threshold () const
void set_alpha (double alpha)
void set_threshold (double decibels)


gr_make_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f (double threshold_db, double alpha)

Detailed Description

compute avg magnitude squared.

input: float

Compute a running average of the magnitude squared of the the input. The level and indication as to whether the level exceeds threshold can be retrieved with the level and unmuted accessors.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f::~gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f ( )

Member Function Documentation

double gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f::level ( ) const [inline]
void gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f::set_alpha ( double  alpha)
void gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f::set_threshold ( double  decibels)
double gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f::threshold ( ) const
bool gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f::unmuted ( ) const [inline]
int gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f::work ( int  noutput_items,
gr_vector_const_void_star input_items,
gr_vector_void_star output_items 
) [virtual]

just like gr_block::general_work, only this arranges to call consume_each for you

The user must override work to define the signal processing code

Implements gr_sync_block.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

GR_CORE_API gr_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f_sptr gr_make_probe_avg_mag_sqrd_f ( double  threshold_db,
double  alpha 
) [friend]

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