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gr_random_pdu Class Reference

Send message at defined interval. More...

#include <gr_random_pdu.h>

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gr_block gr_basic_block gr_msg_accepter gruel::msg_accepter

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Public Member Functions

 gr_random_pdu (int, int)
bool start ()
 Called to enable drivers, etc for i/o devices.
void generate_pdu (pmt::pmt_t msg)
void generate_pdu ()


GR_CORE_API gr_random_pdu_sptr gr_make_random_pdu (int mintime, int maxtime)

Detailed Description

Send message at defined interval.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gr_random_pdu::gr_random_pdu ( int  ,

Member Function Documentation

void gr_random_pdu::generate_pdu ( pmt::pmt_t  msg) [inline]
void gr_random_pdu::generate_pdu ( ) [inline]
bool gr_random_pdu::start ( ) [virtual]

Called to enable drivers, etc for i/o devices.

This allows a block to enable an associated driver to begin transfering data just before we start to execute the scheduler. The end result is that this reduces latency in the pipeline when dealing with audio devices, usrps, etc.

Reimplemented from gr_block.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

GR_CORE_API gr_random_pdu_sptr gr_make_random_pdu ( int  mintime,
int  maxtime 
) [friend]

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