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qtgui_sink_c Class Reference

A graphical sink to display freq, spec, time, and const plots. More...

#include <qtgui_sink_c.h>

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gr_block gr_basic_block gr_msg_accepter gruel::msg_accepter

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Public Member Functions

 ~qtgui_sink_c ()
void exec_ ()
QWidget * qwidget ()
PyObject * pyqwidget ()
void set_frequency_range (const double centerfreq, const double bandwidth)
void set_time_domain_axis (double min, double max)
void set_constellation_axis (double xmin, double xmax, double ymin, double ymax)
void set_constellation_pen_size (int size)
void set_frequency_axis (double min, double max)
void set_update_time (double t)
int general_work (int noutput_items, gr_vector_int &ninput_items, gr_vector_const_void_star &input_items, gr_vector_void_star &output_items)
 compute output items from input items

Public Attributes

QApplication * d_qApplication


GR_QTGUI_API qtgui_sink_c_sptr qtgui_make_sink_c (int fftsize, int wintype, double fc, double bw, const std::string &name, bool plotfreq, bool plotwaterfall, bool plottime, bool plotconst, QWidget *parent)

Detailed Description

A graphical sink to display freq, spec, time, and const plots.

This is a QT-based graphical sink the takes a complex stream and plots it. The default action is to plot the signal as a PSD (FFT), spectrogram (waterfall), time domain I&Q, and constellation (I vs. Q) plots. The plots may be turned off by setting the appropriate boolean value in the constructor to False.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qtgui_sink_c::~qtgui_sink_c ( )

Member Function Documentation

void qtgui_sink_c::exec_ ( )
int qtgui_sink_c::general_work ( int  noutput_items,
gr_vector_int ninput_items,
gr_vector_const_void_star input_items,
gr_vector_void_star output_items 
) [virtual]

compute output items from input items

noutput_itemsnumber of output items to write on each output stream
ninput_itemsnumber of input items available on each input stream
input_itemsvector of pointers to the input items, one entry per input stream
output_itemsvector of pointers to the output items, one entry per output stream
number of items actually written to each output stream, or -1 on EOF. It is OK to return a value less than noutput_items. -1 <= return value <= noutput_items

general_work must call consume or consume_each to indicate how many items were consumed on each input stream.

Reimplemented from gr_block.

PyObject* qtgui_sink_c::pyqwidget ( )
QWidget* qtgui_sink_c::qwidget ( )
void qtgui_sink_c::set_constellation_axis ( double  xmin,
double  xmax,
double  ymin,
double  ymax 
void qtgui_sink_c::set_constellation_pen_size ( int  size)
void qtgui_sink_c::set_frequency_axis ( double  min,
double  max 
void qtgui_sink_c::set_frequency_range ( const double  centerfreq,
const double  bandwidth 
void qtgui_sink_c::set_time_domain_axis ( double  min,
double  max 
void qtgui_sink_c::set_update_time ( double  t)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

GR_QTGUI_API qtgui_sink_c_sptr qtgui_make_sink_c ( int  fftsize,
int  wintype,
double  fc,
double  bw,
const std::string &  name,
bool  plotfreq,
bool  plotwaterfall,
bool  plottime,
bool  plotconst,
QWidget *  parent 
) [friend]

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