GNU Radio 3.6.5 C++ API

digital_pfb_clock_sync_fff.h File Reference

#include <digital_api.h>
#include <gr_block.h>

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class  digital_pfb_clock_sync_fff
 Timing synchronizer using polyphase filterbanks. More...


digital_make_pfb_clock_sync_fff (double sps, float gain, const std::vector< float > &taps, unsigned int filter_size=32, float init_phase=0, float max_rate_deviation=1.5, int osps=1)

Function Documentation

DIGITAL_API digital_pfb_clock_sync_fff_sptr digital_make_pfb_clock_sync_fff ( double  sps,
float  gain,
const std::vector< float > &  taps,
unsigned int  filter_size = 32,
float  init_phase = 0,
float  max_rate_deviation = 1.5,
int  osps = 1 

Build the polyphase filterbank timing synchronizer.

sps(double) The number of samples per second in the incoming signal
gain(float) The alpha gain of the control loop; beta = (gain^2)/4 by default.
taps(vector<int>) The filter taps.
filter_size(uint) The number of filters in the filterbank (default = 32).
init_phase(float) The initial phase to look at, or which filter to start with (default = 0).
max_rate_deviation(float) Distance from 0 d_rate can get (default = 1.5).
osps(int) The number of output samples per symbol (default=1).