GNU Radio 3.6.5 C++ API

trellis_siso_f.h File Reference

#include <trellis_api.h>
#include "fsm.h"
#include "siso_type.h"
#include "core_algorithms.h"
#include <gr_block.h>

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class  trellis_siso_f


TRELLIS_API trellis_siso_f_sptr trellis_make_siso_f (const fsm &FSM, int K, int S0, int SK, bool POSTI, bool POSTO, trellis_siso_type_t d_SISO_TYPE)

Function Documentation

TRELLIS_API trellis_siso_f_sptr trellis_make_siso_f ( const fsm FSM,
int  K,
int  S0,
int  SK,
bool  POSTI,
bool  POSTO,
trellis_siso_type_t  d_SISO_TYPE