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A plot item, which displays a time raster. More...

#include <gnuradio/qtgui/plot_raster.h>

Public Member Functions

 PlotTimeRaster (const QString &title=QString())
 ~PlotTimeRaster () override
const TimeRasterDatadata () const
void setData (TimeRasterData *data)
void setColorMap (const QwtColorMap *map)
const QwtColorMap & colorMap () const
QwtInterval interval (Qt::Axis ax) const override
int rtti () const override

Protected Member Functions

QImage renderImage (const QwtScaleMap &xMap, const QwtScaleMap &yMap, const QRectF &rect, const QSize &size=QSize(0, 0)) const override

Detailed Description

A plot item, which displays a time raster.

A time raster displays three-dimensional data, where the 3rd dimension (the intensity) is displayed using colors. The colors are calculated from the values using a color map.

See also
QwtRasterData, QwtColorMap

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PlotTimeRaster()

PlotTimeRaster::PlotTimeRaster ( const QString &  title = QString())

◆ ~PlotTimeRaster()

PlotTimeRaster::~PlotTimeRaster ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ colorMap()

const QwtColorMap& PlotTimeRaster::colorMap ( ) const

◆ data()

const TimeRasterData* PlotTimeRaster::data ( ) const

◆ interval()

QwtInterval PlotTimeRaster::interval ( Qt::Axis  ax) const

◆ renderImage()

QImage PlotTimeRaster::renderImage ( const QwtScaleMap &  xMap,
const QwtScaleMap &  yMap,
const QRectF &  rect,
const QSize &  size = QSize(0, 0) 
) const

◆ rtti()

int PlotTimeRaster::rtti ( ) const

◆ setColorMap()

void PlotTimeRaster::setColorMap ( const QwtColorMap *  map)

◆ setData()

void PlotTimeRaster::setData ( TimeRasterData data)

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